• Travel outfit. Meike Winnemuth:
    Das große Los!



  • Sporty shirt 51
  • Wide trousers 81
  • Dress
  • Jacket
  • Leggings 91
  • Skirt 'passe'
  • Skirt 'drape'
  • Blouse 33

The journalist Meike Winnemuth wins € 500,000 on "Millionaire" and fulfills her dream – a year out of Germany, immersed in 12 different cultures to experience and rediscover herself! For this trip, we put together eight models from the KATHARINA HOVMAN collection.

Whether in Shanghai for an exclusive dinner, a tango lesson in Buenos Aires or when buying a ukulele in Honolulu, the outfits are always appropriate – natural and modern, easy to maintain and fitting into the smallest bag. The pieces included in our travel outfit for Meike Winnemuth were selected from the "Taffetas" and "Pure" qualities.